A secret agreement, especially for fraudulent or illegal purposes; conspiracy.

“Rhymember”: The judge came to the conclusion that collusion was involved in the insurance scam.

Sarah accused Joe of colluding with her best friend to get her thrown in the pool at her birthday party.



A short period of intense activity of a specified kind.

“Rhymember”: The shout alerted us to the bout in the parking lot.

Joe’s occasional bouts of working out kept him in shape.


A person whose judgement or opinion is considered authoritative.

“Rhymember”: As the only eyewitness, they considered him the arbiter when¬†he said the car hit her.

Joe and Sarah argued about who the official arbiter was when trying to determine the best wine to drink with dinner.


Utterly hopeless; miserable.

“Rhymember”: She had failed, and raising the subject caused abject humiliation and shame.

Joe drove off the lot in his new Infiniti and was moved by the fact that he was living in abject poverty only five years ago.


Swiftness; speed.

“Rhymember”: The waiter’s lack of celerity was approaching hilarity.

Sarah admired Joe’s celerity as a mixologist when the guests arrived.


The instructon or improvement of a person morally or intellectually.

“Rhymember”: Kids these days seem to be on a vacation from edification.

After Joe’s miserable attempt at making dinner for Sarah, he bought “Cooking For Dummies” for his edification.


Easily done or performing with ease.

“Rhymember”: Instead of a hassle, the project was facile.

Joe admired Sarah’s facile mind as she quickly calculated the tip.


Scraps or morsels of food left after a meal.

“Rhymember”: After lunch, brush the orts off your shorts!

Joe came over unannounced and gobbled up the orts from Sarah’s dinner.